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Saima Latif

Market Researcher

Cordelia herself is one of those powerful women in this world, with lots of energy and enthusiasm which has played a part in making her life outstanding. Like this, she wants to see the same power and energy out of her clients. I felt incredible right after my first session with her; even now, every session empowers me endlessly. She stands out to me as The Queen of Creative Ideas and fulfils (what she has now made her responsibility) sharing these ideas with her clients to making a possible solution in the business field, for whatever stands in your way. I dig deep inside of my inner qualities while having conversations with Cordelia. Also, discovering my strengths, followed by weaknesses as well as my areas of interest. Most Of The Time, we have trouble or can’t find what’s best for us, but an honest and trustworthy person in our lives can see this right through us & our ideas. Cordelia has this intelligence within her, which is used to help her clients find themselves and come to the point where they firmly believe in themselves. Not only is she a business coach but a transformational life developer. I am incredibly proud of her and am countlessly thanking my luck that I’ve received the opportunity to work with her and uncover my chance!

Katie Needle

Brand Photographer

Having Cordelia coach me in my photography business has been a game changer.

I’ve been a jobbing self employed photographer for over 6 years now and can hand on heart say, since working with Cordelia just THIS year I now feel 100% aligned & excited about my business & it’s future. 

Cordelia has gotten me to niche down & get very specific, my branding photography now is something I’m thrilled to be doing and since revamping it, under Cordelia’s guidance, I’ve taken more bookings in one month than ever previously & made more income from one shoot than previously would’ve been three! 

She is the kick up the arse, pull your eyes WIDE open-to the-possibilities-injection everyone needs. And all this during a pandemic too! 

She is so supportive & informed, knowing just what to say. She’s the coach you can’t wait to message about a new booking or about a meeting you nailed. I haven’t used a coach before but I know I’ll never use another one now! 

Adam Woods

Film Maker & C.A.M.E.R.A Confidence Coach

Working with Cordelia is like taking an energy drink that boosts you and helps you create quick and impressive impacts within your own business. Her advice and coaching comes from a very loving & practical place – based on her own direct experience. So if you want to ‘get down in the trenches’ with someone who has built up their own online business, and knows the short-cuts and the way to create the maximum effect with minimum fuss, then Cordelia is your ‘go-to’!

Gintare Dainelyte

Founder of Empowered Websites

Cordelia Kate is someone who I know I can trust 100%. She is walking the walk and teaching other business owners real strategies that actually work as well as guides you through building a business that’s fulfilling for you and, thus, is going to be a long-lasting one.

I love having Cordelia Kate by my side. Only she can listen to you and in 10 minutes give you the advice that completely transforms your business. I have experienced this by myself, she listened to my struggle and straight away offered a different perspective of how I could reframe the service that I am offering so that my clients feel a higher perceived value, I can charge more, and I am able to have a less intense work schedule too.

Honestly, her advice has been priceless for my business and I couldn’t be more grateful! I truly value her honesty, knowledge, efficiency & energy. If you wish to get your business to the next level and be sure that the methods that you’re taught are really working – she is the coach to go to!

Our clients’ wins 

Part of Rebellious Business culture is making sure we celebrate the wins and transformations together!